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Gmail dark mode is out now but here’s why you face a long wait to see it



The dark-fashion revolution shows no signs of stopping, everyone seems to jump on this latest technology trend.

This stunning new look is now available for the latest Google and Apple operating systems, as well as for many dark-switched applications.

Gmail is one of the latest apps for this update. Some users will have access to this color scheme earlier this week.

Users of the latest versions of Apple’s Android 10 and iOS 13 can instantly apply this dark theme to their inbox and daily messages.

This is good news if you have the latest version of the software on your smartphone, but millions of them do not have access to this new popular feature.

According to SamMobile, Samsung devices running Android 9 Pie can not turn on the dark mode, which means that the wait may be long before the latest devices like the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10 do not do so.

Samsung has just started to release the beta version of its Android 10 for these flagship phones and a full official launch is unlikely until the beginning of next year.

If you’re one of the lucky few who have successfully downloaded Android 10 Beta to your Galaxy phone, you should find the option for the dark Gmail mode in your preferences.

But everyone has to show patients while Samsung is testing its trial software.

Of course, not only Samsung, which has not fully released Android 10 with devices from Huawei, LG and Sony, is waiting for this important update.

Android 10 was fully commercialized on September 3 and was initially only available for Google’s own Pixel devices and the Essential phone.

Of course, since its launch, a number of other handsets have been granted access to this update, with OnePlus announcing last that this upgrade was migrated to devices.

More will follow in the coming months, but until then, you’ll just stick to the lighter and more common look and feel of this messaging app.

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The 9 Best Garage Door Openers



ne of these practices garage doors provide easy and safe access for the most vulnerable access road at once. Our selection offers a variety of modern amenities, such as remote control from almost anywhere using a mobile device and almost silent drive systems, which will keep the whole family is disturbed when you come home late

1. Skylink AT-1622BK

The Skylink AT-1622BK is a high-tech unit that is both compatible Smartphone and IFTTT-enabled, which allows you to connect with other smart devices without limits, even if you have to buy independent control these functions job.

  • Automatic closer with timer
  • Soft start and stop feature
  • Syncing the keypad can be difficult

2. Decko 24300

The Decko 24300 is equipped with a non-polarized wiring, which facilitates the free installation errors and dual 200W lighting system. It is capable of handling the doors measuring up to seven feet high and eighteen feet wide.

  • Three-function wall switch
  • Available with a belt or chain drive
  • Included remotes can be finicky

3. Chamberlain PD510

The Chamberlain PD510 has a chain drive and the engine of industrial power for reliable operation and a preset, frequency triband provide remotely consistent performance over a long distance. It is a little on the noisy side, though.

  • Budget-friendly no frills option
  • Five-piece rail system
  • The instructions can be confusing

4. Genie SilentMax

SilentMax Genie is an easy option program, the average price Intellicode security leverages the technology. This changes the access code automatically each time you open the door, which reduces the possibility of unauthorized entry.

  • Includes all installation hardware
  • Opens and closes quickly
  • Equipped with self-diagnostic tools

5. LiftMaster Premium Series 8360

Premium Series 8360 LiftMaster has PosiLock technology that automatically locks the electronic door if someone tries to force caught manually open, so its a good choice for neighborhoods with high crime or naughty children.

  • Front and rear light bulbs
  • Heavy-duty chain drive
  • Includes only one remote

6. Sommer Direct Drive 1042V004

The direct drive elegant Sommer 1042V004 is designed to minimize vibration that rises and doors, so it is ideal for homes with living space above the garage. Uses rolling code for safety.

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • High-quality german engineering
  • Works with homelink wireless systems

7. Chamberlain B970

Simplify access to your home with Chamberlain B970. The MyQ integrated application provides status alerts, and the ability to open or close the garage door using a smartphone everywhere. An integrated backup battery allows the same function when the camera is off.

  • Control panel displays time and temp
  • Remote has a range of 1500 feet
  • Accepts most bulb types

8. Craftsman 54985

The Craftsman 54985 is an affordable option that can work with doors up to seven feet high. It comes with a programmable keyboard and wireless for input and two remote controls and wall mount the driver. An automatic safety reverse sensor.

  • Draws almost no power in sleep mode
  • Quick-install rail system
  • Adjustable light duration

9. Chamberlain B1381

The Chamberlain B1381 comes with almost all you can ask. It is equipped with a super-quiet but strong drive belt, reinforced steel; 1.25 engine power can support the heaviest of doors; and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and MyQ.

  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Over 3000 lumens of light
  • Opens quickly at 7 inches per second

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Google intentionally blocks the brightness of Pixel 4 to save battery power



Does anyone ever feel seen? It seems that every year Google makes confusing decisions with its pixel screens.

The Pixel 2 XL was criticized for its horrible color calibration, the Pixel 3 XL for its stupid notch, the Pixel 4 for the claimed refresh rate of 90 Hz.

But Google’s last problem is different: The screen is not very bright. Worse , Google seems to limit the brightness of the screen, even in strong ambient light.

As Mishaal Rahman points out, the Pixel 4 code hides high-brightness code, which by default is limited to approximately 444 nits.

This is fine, but has nothing to do with a maximum brightness of 1,308 pixels for the Galaxy Note 10+.

This is acceptable in most cases, but it can be difficult to see the phone in the sun, especially if you are trying to watch videos or view pictures.

This is something that many critics have noticed and the numbers confirm it. In the reduced state, pixel 4 can reach about 610 nits. Still not as bright as the competition, but a significant boost.

Given the code, Google seems to be considering implementing a high-brightness mode that activates under the right environmental conditions – as is the case with other devices – but refuses to use it for any reason.

It only seems once that the display reaches its maximum brightness when watching HDR videos.

The decision to limit the brightness was probably a solution to save the battery.

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL batteries are significantly smaller than comparable Android devices.

Still, it’s a confusing choice. On the one hand, it can be used as an optional flip-flop for users who can use it when needed.

On the other hand, phones should only have larger batteries.

We’re in 2019. Even Apple, which always uses tiny batteries thanks to its highly-optimized walled garden, has larger batteries on both iPhone 11 Pros.

If you have the technical know-how and have your Pixel 4 rooted, just grab some shell commands.

Once activated, the brightness mode is only activated if you have set the brightness control to maximum.

Ambient light affects your battery, otherwise your phone should work the same way.

Unfortunately, the fact that you need root access makes it an uncomfortable solution for most users.

At least with the 90 Hz problem, you can easily force it to maintain the fastest refresh rate in the phone’s development settings.

But who knows, maybe Google will listen if we complain loud enough.

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[Update: Flutter confirm] The Google Stadia app is now available on the Play Store



Stadia, Google’s next streaming service for nearly all devices, including Pixel phones, is less than two weeks away from its official launch.

Prior to launch on November 19th, the Google Stadia app for Android will be available for download from the Google Play Store.
With the Google Stadia app, available for Android and iOS, you can primarily buy games, manage your Stadia account and controllers, and start playing Chromecast Ultra.
Start in the new Google Stadia app, launched from the Play Store, and go to Destiny 2’s home page.

If you click on “Start”, you will first be asked to select an account. A loading window then appears indicating that the GPUs are activated.

Other entertaining readers like “Building Rome” and “Reticulating Splines” were also discovered by the readers.

You’ll be prompted to confirm your Google Account selection shortly, because you will not be able to switch between accounts later.

Once the account is validated, you will open a screen where you can enter the invitation code of your Stadia Founders or Premiere Edition kit or a friend’s passport.

Without an invitation code, you can not further enhance the functionality of the Stadia app.

However, the Google Stadia List Play Store will tell you something more about the application’s interface. The main Home tab displays your games, each with a large play button.

The hitherto unknown “Explorer” tab will appear to display the relevant news from the community. At the top of this page we also see icons for YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

Our APK Insight team quickly reviewed the Stadia app and found that Google apparently opted to create it in Flutter, Google’s cross-platform SDK application.

This means that the iOS version should offer a nearly identical experience to the one we see today on Android once Stadia is launched on the App Store.
Although Flutter has recently supported the creation of applications for other platforms, such as the Web and desktop computers, McDole states that Flutter is currently used only for Stadia’s mobile application, not so much during the launch phase.

As we suspected, the Stadia app for iOS is also supported by Flutter.

If you’ve been hoping to download the Android app to your Chromebook and manage your Google Stadia account in this way, you’re currently unlucky.

Google has banned Chromebooks from downloading the app from the Play Store.

Interestingly enough, while this is the first version of the publicly available Stadia app in the Google Play Store, it has a slightly higher version number, namely 1.45.278447916.
The launch of Google Stadia on November 19 is for users who have pre-ordered Stadia Founders Edition or Premiere Edition offerings on the Google Store and are getting a buddy pass from their founder.

Be curious about the latest Stadia news and pre-launch updates.

More about Google Stadia:

[Update: More Prototypes] Developed by Google, the design process behind Stadia Controller
Nest Wifi’s “Preferred by Games” ranking for Google Stadia details
Stadia Games and Entertainment wants to open studios in London and Tokyo

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